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How To Enable Multi Boot On Samsung Galaxy Note 5

This Is The Easiest And Fastest Way To Enable Multi Boot For Your Galaxy Note 5.

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Tested Devices :

SM-N920C : noblelte
SM-N900P (Sprint): nobleltespr

Please ensure that you fulfill the following requirements :

  1. Your device is rooted and has a custom recovery installed (Recommended : TWRP)
  2. You have a full Nandroid Backup of your device.
  3. Your device has sufficient free space for the ROMs.


  1. Download your desired ROMs and put it on the internet storage of your device.
  2. Download the latest release of Dual Boot Patcher and install it.
  3. Open the application and grant it root permissions.
  4. Go to ROMsPrimary RomOptions (3 Dots)–Set Kernel.
  5. Go to Patch ZIP File and select nobleltespr
  6. In the partition configuration, select “Data Slot
  7. Below that, enter the ID of a secondary ROM (Eg 1,2 etc)
  8. Always remember to keep the same slot ID for the kernels and mods, same as ROM [alert-announce](Example: If you want to flash the kernel to the data-slot-1 ROM then, you have to select the same ID that’s 1. If you want to flash the kernel to the data-slot-2 ROM then, you have to select the same ID that’s 2.)[/alert-announce]
  9. Press “Tap To Begin” to patch the file.
  10. Go to custom recovery and flash the newly patched ROM followed by the patched kernel without wiping anything. Then simply reboot.
  11. Install the Dual Boot Patcher application and install it for your second ROM as well.

To switch between ROMs, simply go to Dual Boot PatcherROMs and then click on Primary or Secondary ROM, as you like!

Don’t Use Aroma Installer. If You Need To Use It, Do Uncheck The Last Option To Avoid Rebooting Into The Recovery And For The Multi-Boot To Work Properly.
Congratulations! You have successfully enabled Multi Boot on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

Source : XDA

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