Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 – What’s The Buzz ?

Qualcomm announced their new Snapdragon 820 Chip, a SoC marketed as “The Most powerful mobile processor Qualcomm Technologies has ever created”.


Qualcomm’s earlier processor, the Snapdragon 810 was very powerful but it became well-known for another fact, its heating issues. Well, this time Qualcomm needs to fix it for the chip to be a big hit. The Snapdragon 820 comes with the “Kyro” CPU core, a custom chip built on Samsung’s second generation 14nm technology (14 LPP).

This chip has been promised by Qualcomm to provide 2x times the performance and 2x times the efficiency compared to the earlier chips made by Qualcomm. They are encouraging the use of its DSP and GPU as the computation offloads in order to improve CPU efficiency.

Battery Consumption

The chip is said to consume 65% of what Snapdragon 801 used to do. This seems legit considering the fact that Qualcomm is now using Samsung’s 14nm compared to TSMC’s 28nm planar silicon. The company claims that more than 60 devices wins for the new SoC, including cameras, cars and drones.

The Geeky Side

Going deep into the specifications, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 is a quad-core chip made up of the new 64-bit Kyro CPU. As we talked about it earlier, it is a 14nm chip made by Samsung, said to come with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz. Regarding the GPU, the 820 comes with the Adreno 530 GPU which is said to be 40% faster than what the Snapdragon 810 (Adreno 430) used to offer.

Multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi Speeds With 802.11ad And Better LTE Connections

Another big improvement of the Snapdragon 820 over the 810 is that it will be able to deliver LTE speeds up to 600 Mbps and supports 802.11ad WiFi, having a potential of delivering speeds of around 5-6 Gbps theoretically and tri-band connectivity in the 60GHz spectrum. This is certainly going to help the people who love “Team Crispy” and spend their day watching 4k video content.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Authentication

Qualcomm has already unveiled Sense ID, an ultrasonic fingerprint authentication tech which is rumored to come with this chipset. Unlike other Fingerprint Scanners, Sense ID won’t be affected by sweat on your fingers. Other than that, they can be embedded anywhere on the phone, even in metal, glass and other surfaces.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 looks like a severe improvement than its predecessor and would be a big hit if this device doesn’t heat up as the 810 did.

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